Samson Q7x Dynamic Supercardioid Handheld Microphone

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Designed primarily for vocal applications, the Samson Q7x is a dynamic, handheld microphone. Its supercardioid polar pattern makes it quite suitable for the stage, as it tends to only pick up sound directly in front of the capsule. In this manner, feedback coming from monitors, mains, and other sound-reinforcement equipment can be greatly reduced.

The frequency response of the microphone extends from 80 Hz to 12 kHz, and has been tweaked to suit the voice, with a roll off in the lows to reduce muddiness and a bump in the midrange to improve clarity. Encased in a pneumatic shockmount, the diaphragm is quite safe from handling noise. A rugged, die-cast zinc-alloy casing has been employed to ensure a reliable performance for years to come. This mic boasts a max SPL of 145 dB, meaning it can handle loud situations with aplomb. You’ll find a mic clip included with the Q7x.

Q7x Features

  • Dynamic mic element with neodymium magnet provides clear, crisp sound
  • Sensitive diaphragm picks up all of nuances of performance
  • Frequency response tailored for vocal performance with a midrange lift and low-frequency roll off
  • Supercardioid polar pattern minimizes feedback problems and effectively rejects signals not originating directly in front of the mic capsule
  • Able to withstand high SPLs (Sound Pressure Levels), lending itself to a wide range of situations
  • Pneumatic shockmount greatly reduces handling noise
  • Rugged zinc alloy die-casting case ensures reliable performance
  • Gold plated XLR Connector
  • Includes mic clip