Schaller Machines 6-in-L – Original F-Series Tuners – Chrome

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Weight 30.000 lbs
Dimensions 0.000 × 0.000 × 0.000 in

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These heads lock strings from the bottom via a large, knurled nut. Shaft lengths are staggered for “6 in line” models. 1:16 gear ratio. 9.8mm bore diameter.

10020220.01.50 Features

  • Works like a traditional machine head, but the string needn’t be "wound up" any more. Instead it is inserted into the cam hole with the clamp screw loosened, locked with the clamp screw and can then be tuned at once.
  • Makes changing your strings a lot faster and easier
  • Patented locking system based on the ball socket principle prevents reliably from string notching and breakage
  • Perfect for non-locking tremolo systems