sE Electronics DynaCaster Dynamic Broadcast Microphone with Built-In Preamp & EQ

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Weight 2.150 lbs
Dimensions 12.500 × 5.000 × 3.750 in

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The DynaCaster has been designed from scratch to set a new standard for broadcast-style microphones. Its
brand-new DMC8 capsule and integrated DYNAMITE preamp provide better sonic reproduction, more
sensitivity, and less noise than the standards of decades past. The capsule has a patented shock absorption
system built into its body, preventing the need for a bulky external shockmount. Best of all, the three
recessed switches on the rear of the microphone allow you to tune the DynaCaster to your specific tonal
The DynaCaster is compatible with all broadcast boom arms. Furthermore, the XLR jack is integrated into
the stand mounting point for unobtrusive cabling and a low profile for on-camera applicatons. The internal
three-layer pop filter is removable for cleaning, and designed to offer enough plosive protection to be used
without an external "chunky" pop filter. However, we’ve included an external windscreen, just in case that
suits your preference.
The DynaCaster is not just a speaking microphone. It can be used for singing, acoustic instruments, and
miking amplifiers. All of the features that make it great for broadcast applications double as tone-tailoring
options when recording and performing music!


  • Dynamic Broadcast Microphone