Steinberg WaveLab Elements 11 – Audio Editing and Processing Software (Download)

Product Description

WaveLab 11 Elements is a highly cost effective mastering and editing environment that features a selection of tools derived from WaveLab Pro and focuses on ease of use and fast results. WaveLab 11 Elements caters to the needs of aspiring home musicians, podcasters, next generation engineers and producers.

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WaveLab Elements is the right choice for aspiring musicians and next generation sound designers who want to improve their mixes quickly and get great results. WaveLab Elements includes a wide range of easy to use tools that help you create stunning audio masters in no time. WaveLab Elements also includes the entire palette of functions from the dedicated WaveLab Cast app for creating podcasts and audio for vlogs.

WaveLab Elements 11 Features

  • Mastering for beginners
  • Quickly and easily master your music
  • Remove unwanted noise
  • More than 25 mastering grade effects
  • Create content for podcasts, vlogs and social media