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2nd Sense Mixing Analyzer is a boon for mixing engineers, as it provides a real-time frequency analyzer of multiple channels at once, allowing you to monitor potential frequency-masking problems as they occur. Indeed, the software provides three distinct ways of doing so.

To use the software, simply instantiate the plug-in on each track. From there you can label the tracks within the plug-in window as need be. These names will automatically color code, and when you play your track back, you will see multiple frequency analyzers overlaid on top of each other, each one representing a track, and each one boasting its own specific color.

When two tracks are selected in Master Mode , a visual indicator (in the form of a sudden, vertical line) will pop up on the frequency analyzer. This will let you know when two tracks are occupying the same frequencies—and consequently, where masking might be taking place. Using the tool in such a manner constitutes a good way to see where a vocal part and a guitar part are fighting for the same sonic space. A threshold knob controls the degree to which the software measures frequency masking, letting shorter instances slide at higher levels.

Beneath the analyzer, you’ll find a scrolling log which displays the competing frequencies in question, as well as the measure number and beat position for each recognized occurrence of masking.  Turn Master Mode off, select multiple frequencies, and look to the left of the log: There you’ll find a matrix which indicates—by means of easy-to-read, illuminating blocks—when any two tracks are in conflict with one another.

Compatible with Windows and Mac platforms, the Mixing Analyzer works in VST 2, AU, and AAX formats.

Mixing Analyzer Features

  • Useful for Mixing Engineers
  • Frequency Analysis of Multiple Tracks
  • Shows Masking Between Any 2 Tracks
  • Log for Readouts of Frequency Masking